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☆ Lunch ☆ Heaven Pig Shabu & Mate Tea Chicken & Tenku Beef All you can eat 1880 yen (tax included 2030 yen) course

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We are going to have all you can eat as well, Tianbu and handful sushi ♪

Course menu

Genuine beef loin

■ Beef Calvi

■ Mate tea chicken

■ Heaven pork loin

■ Heaven Pork Calvi

■ 4 blinds (hand-made bamboo cylinder with a bowl of chicken, plum shoddess, a Western-style fashioned of basil & cheese, clipped with pillar)

■ Winner

■ Gyoza

■ Salad bar

■ Material bar

■ Compliments of pot (Shrimp entered water dumplings, roll cabbage, mochi shabu, Winner, Toppogi Mochi, Mozzarella Shabu-shabu, Tofu, Maloney, Frying, Shirataki)

■ Appetizers · Snacks (eggs, edamame, cold, kimchi, Takoyaki, potato fried, stiffness, corn butter, fried Shumai, boiled eggs)

■ Rice · rice sharks (Udon balls, Chinese noodles, raw eggs, green onion, laver, cheese flour, seasonal cooked rice, white rice, miso soup, sunny special curry)

■ Sushi (Tuna Leaf, Salmon, Squid, Squid, Sweet Shrimp, Boiled Shrimp, Tako, Egg, Corn Mayo, Tunamayo, Inner, Natto Warship, How much, Hockey Salad)

☆ Plus 280 yen (302 yen including tax) with drink bar & dessert bar ☆

☆ Plus 1280 yen (tax included 1382 yen) Alcohol & soft drinks All you can drink & dessert bar ☆

2018/12/15 update